Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another Jackpot!!!

Today being my mom's bday, we got to enjoy our family. Meaning seeing Grandpa and Grandma, Uncle Randy and Aunti JJ.

I also received some information on my Maternal Grandma's side yippee!!! All the way back to 1830 in Germany. I am dying to start the search of what ocean liner they were on. This one might need to wait until Stephen leaves for Montana. I can just imagine the lack of sleep I will be getting.

Sad to say that is the only good info I have received in awhile. More updates on the girls to follow I have to get some pics to put up.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Family Fun

Kelsey and her new Hello Kitty Shoes, she says they are made to be worn with out socks. Who would have guessed a 5 year old was in these shoes. These are her new favorite tennis shoes of the school year. I didn't think she would like to wear the color brown, but apparently she does! the other Picture is the day school started we had a special dinner, Shelby decided it wasn't very special or even remotely close. At one point she completely stopped eating and pushed her plate away from her. Stephen is trying to get her to eat another green bean. She protested and he tried to put it up her nose! What a family! It was a great dinner, everyone was full and ready for baths after.