Thursday, July 31, 2008

Aww now I am really jealous

Stephen emailed me these pictures tonight of the girls at a restaurant called Fire and Ice, They had so much fun. Keep in mind that my hubby forgot his camera and he used his cell phone for the pics. Don't my girls look so happy, I am so glad they have such a wonderful daddy. Boy are they lucky, and so am I!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am alone all alone....

Yes, my family left me for beautiful Tahoe two days ago. I am secretly smiling. Some of you know that I am in heaven, but to be quite honest...i miss my crazy family, and being crazy alone isn't to much fun.
I have made way to many *extra* trips to Green Tangerines, and when I mean extra, I mean EXTRA (sorry babe). Apparently I am filling the void, with paper, thickers, ribbon and ink. But I made fun things! I will post later when they are given to the people I adore.
Stephen and the girls are having such a good time, eating out and playing on the beach, wish I was there.......
But I am having so much fun at work too, we have been getting in lots of CHA products that makes me a very busy girl! But I love to see the faces of the Creative Crew when we get really cool stuff, it makes me smile.
On to another dreadful topic....Weight ugh, I am struggling so much this week, and I have 161 more days until Kauai...that means 161 days to lose weight! That is 23 weeks, so I know I said this before, but this time I am going to record my weight loss. Wish me luck and if you want to join in - I would love it.....
If you want to see some really cool weight loss check this out...Donna Downey. She looks so amazing you will need to scroll down to Big Reveal.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Phulps Family Reunion

Yesterday we had our 2nd anuual Phulps family reunion at Lake Minden. I packed up the kiddos and set out for a fun HOT day with my wonderful family. Grandpa and his brother Dude (Louie) and sister Beverly got all the family members together and set up this really fun party. Aunt Helen's family and Uncle Bob's family was there also. We met cousins that we didn't know we had and it was fun to see all the little ones play. Uncle Herman and Aunt Bev are really into the family history (they are our Family Historians) and they put together so much information that I was a little overwhelmed and excited.
The pictures at the top are obviously the first Phulps with the spelling that remains today. Volp and Fulp were the original way to spell it, so you can imagine all the hard work that went into finding all the original Volps, and Fulps. ugh, a huge project that I am glad it was pretty much handed to me to add to my list of people.


On Thursday, a day after our anniversary we went boating with some wonderful friends of ours, the Chapmans. We spent the day playing paddle ball, football, and exploring the lake with the kiddos. Stephen and I played paddle ball for an hour or so and I have to say out of the two of us; I am the one that tries the hardest. I don't think his feet ever left the ground. We ran into some of our friends on the lake too, which made it so much special. We opted not to go home for dinner and went to a restaurant and had a yummy dinner with fantastic company. Thanks Chapmans for a really great day. The kids were good considering they had been in the sun all day running and playing. Steph and I had a really good Hard Cider Pomegranit, yummy. I had forgotten that Cider was more milder than a good beer, especially with my problematic tummy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary to US..

Today is Our 6th Anniversary. Wow, I can't believe its been 6 years. *it actually feels like ten!* Its been fun, crazy not so fun, everything a marriage is and I can't wait for another 6 years. In that time, we have had two children, 3 dogs, 3 cats, 12 fish, 2 houses, 3 cars, 4 computers, 8 major hunting trips, 6 duck seasons, 6 major fishing trips, 5 scrapbook weekends, 1 million bottles of wine (ok, exaggeration there but not by much). A lot of things have changed but mostly things just stay the same, the way they were when we were first married. (except my hair, that seems to change a lot!)

I love you hunny.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lets try again!

Ok, so I am posting on Green Tangerines blog now too. Yippee, I love it because I get to blog about all the new stuff that comes in to the store. So very exciting. Check it out "here friends at the GT are flying home from CHA *Craft and Hobby* fair in Chicago - a huge thing in the scrapbook industry, and they say my favorite *scrap celebrity* Ali Edwards. Yea, I can't wait to hear all the stories.

Another thing I wanted to let you know; a sweet lady whom I love to see at the store Eve, sent me a comment on my blog about her blog here she has some serious ribbon candy to look at.
Well, I am off to make a card for our dear friends The Hodgsons, they just had there baby today! We are so excited for them. They had a baby girl and stephen was able to leave work and take Carrie flowers and hold the new baby. Congrats to you.

Lots of Stuff...

First Stephen said goodbye to one of his best buddies, everyday for the last 14 years Stephen and his faithfull friend would join together and set out against the world. Well, on July 4th, this all changed. Yes I am talking about his truck. It took its last drive to Carmax. Everything was fine up to Scotts Flat this year and back, and the next day, I guess it just figured that since Stephen took it there to be appraised that is wasn't worth working anymore. Stephen was really upset as were our girls. We all said our goodbyes and a few days later we came home with this;
Yes a new truck, well new to us. It even has a dvd in it wow, my guy is happy again. Yea for me.

I would post more but i have links that I want to use and it won't let me so more later.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This is why I scrapbook.

The other day I was so excited to be able to finally get in my craft room and play with my toys! It was a really fun day in our house, Stephen was relaxed and doing his thing the girls were playing together *nicely* and I snuck away for a little time by myself. I didn't get to much done but I did do this.

And now to why I do what I do.

Shelby loves to look at her book. She would have more to look at but I just can't scrap that fast. She looks at the book EVERYDAY! She love to see herself as a baby and everyone loving her. She really doesn't say to much about the colors or pretty stuff on the page, except that it is her pretty baby book. Hopefully in time she will have more to look at.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

So Stephen wanted to have a party, and wanted to call if my Birthday Party. That was fine and good, until I realized that turning 30 something was not as fun as it was the first two years. Turning 30, was so much fun!!!! Turning 31, was good too. This year I was surrounded by friends and their families and it was so fun and I had a great time. But, I am NOT turning 30 something. I will be 31, until, I turn 40! I have decided that every number in between the big ones, really don't count. There are so many things that i wanted to be accomplished by 30 something, so I would have the 40's to sit back and enjoy the life I have made for myself. I still have things to do. Like; completing the laundry, keeping things organized and tidy, and last but not least remembering to take out ALL the garbage on Thursday nights. You know all the things "adults" are suppose to do. I guess I have 8 more years to try to perfect all the "imperfections". That should be enough time. I hope.

Happy Birthday USA.

Forth of July was well, not on our original agenda this year. We just got back from camping, we were having a party the next day, and we lost our beloved Ford F150 pickup. We were exhausted and sad (and Stephen not to happy about his truck). We had a last minute invite to our friends house. So perfect! Food and Firworks yeah, it was so much fun. The best part was watching my girls making new friends and trying new things. We stayed until after the fireworks, and then went home to Gauge. It really was the best evening to a really tough day.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Scotts Flat 2008

Our 2nd annual camping trip to Scott's Flat was so much fun. The kids got along so well, and the adults had fun being together. Stephen worked really hard on the Sunday before to get us ready so we could leave by 8:30am on Monday morning. We actually left at 9:00am!! I had to pull the trailer! And I have to say I did a terrific job. After I stoped crying, from being so nervous and all the calls to Stephen on the walkie talkie, I love the walkie talkie! We made it up to the lake around 11:00am.
We were so excited to be there. Soon after we arrived the Chapman's made it, then the Vissers and finally the Tabladas. We spent the afternoon, on the lake tubing and playing in the water.
On Tuesday we hit the beach and the water. Spending almost the entire day eating drinking, swimming and kayaking! So fun.
Wednesday was yet another fun day on the beach and in the lake!
Thursday we had to pack up and say good bye, but not without another couple of hours on the lake! Stephen, Kelsey, and the Chapmans spent a good portion of the afternoon on the lake, and Shelby and I went on home. She was exhausted and if you know Shelby well, lets just say she needed a car nap in a big way!
We are looking forward to next year!