Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ancestry Box

I finished another Creative Imagination box, this time I used Graphic 45 paper, I love the heritage stuff, it makes me just crazy. The ribbon I used is so beautiful, the pictures however are HORRIBLE---yes that was a scream, I still do not have my wonderful camera, Stephen is on his way to pick up my sweet baby right now! I used his terrible camera to take pictures, I don't even like using this camera. Stephen takes it Duck Hunting and to Montana, in the snow, that should give you an idea how well this camera is working.

On the index cards, I will be putting personal history and interesting facts along with pictures behind that tabbed cards. I haven't started that project yet.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sorry for the not so happy post

Well, this morning started out HARD! I was tired and sore and not feeling good, then I got the bad news. Our good friends Steph and Jeff Chapman's dog was hit by a car early in the am on the 26th of Aug. ugh, Steph loves her dog Drake, he is her canine soul mate, it was a tough day for her so I drove up to Auburn to pick her and her offspring up and take her to the ER Vet to see Drake and spend sometime with him.(our boys were workin) The good news is that he will be going home tomorrow! So that is why I felt that the Universe was throwing me a curve ball. Steph had broke her foot the night before, seriously don't kick a Mama when she is down.I am so tired to day and totally worn out. Officially off the crazy meds on to something a little milder.Drake cruisin on Lake Whiskeytown
Drake dressing up at Rollins lake
Jeff Steph and Baby John; who is like 3 now

On another note....Ms. Taryn from GT will be off to San Fran to start college, I personally think she should stay with us here in Rocklin; but that girl has some dreams she wants to make come true....So good luck...I will miss you and all your wonderfulness.

The Universe

Is a little sucky right now! Hope everyone out there is having a good day and you all are safe, loved and healthy.

Monday, August 25, 2008


What is it really? Serendipity Do you believe? Does it really exist? or is it people making the "signs" to be signs? Where does it all lead? Do you have a Serendipity story? if you don't know the Movieyou have to watch it. If you haven't been to Serendipity3 and you are going to New York, you must go. When I went to New York 4 years ago with a good friend, I wish I would have paid more attention and took photos! I did however see, Carol Alt, wonder if that was before her raw food days. Anyway....I have a Serendipity story, or I like to think I do; it sure felt like it. Mine started 9 years ago, and he's a work right now. It's an interesting story; I followed my heart and the "signs". I just put my life in the universe's hands and it gave me what I wanted....Destiny...If you follow its lead, you will find all the answers.
to those who are wondering....only Motrin tonight. Hee Hee.
BTW I just finished the movie for the 7th hundred time, hence the weird post......

Hello...a funny pic

Our cat Curly thinks he is one of our kids, well I guess he is but sometimes I think he takes it to extremes.
He like sharing a pillow with Kelsey, he waits until she is asleep and then climbs in next to her. He doesn't curl up in a ball or any normal cat sleep position, but head on the pillow and legs under the covers very weird.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Still on the couch

Today has been a bad day. I have been felling horrible. I think they put holes in my brain and took out some brain matter, I know this post is horrible. It gets better. I had some wonderful visitors today, you know when you meet some people and you have a good time and time goes on and you are still having a good time, and then something happens like you have surgery and you find out what really good people they are. Tonight my friends Liz and Tammy came over; they brought me dinner, desert and Victor. Yes Vodka, here are some pictures.

The little marshmallow pops are brownie bites covered in marshmallow and chocolate with sprinkles and chocolate chips and little bottles of alcohol with instructions on when to use them. This totally made my day. I am so lucky to have friends like this. There girls, made me cards and was given a book to read, along with the yummy brownie bites Tammy and Liz made me pulled pork! YUM, along with coleslaw and buns, I love buns. I know that I had surgery but who's jealous of me know!!!! My wonderful mom also came over today, she seems to think that she isn't very nurturing, well, she is silly because I only feel really good when she is around. I feel safe and taken care off, and feeling that will never go away no matter how old we are. I love you mom.
I am missing the GT Crew a ton, and can't wait to back to work. Thanks for all you lovely messages.
Oh, I received my prize package from The Scarlet Lime today -- OMG, Christy sent me all the new basic grey paper, and new stamp from 7 Gypsies ribbon from MM along with cardstock stickers from MM, yeah. I have to get better soon to use all my new stuff.
I am hoping to get my camera back tomorrow, and I will a happier girl.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hee Hee

Guess who's reading the Twilight Series???? scroll down to the question from Miriam.
I knew this lady was great!

Thank you

I wanted to start off by saying thanks to all your sweet calls, and emails and post. Everyone of you mean so much to me and I love getting the love from you all. So an update; Yesterday morning Stephen and I went to the Surgery Center at 6:00 and did some paperwork and talked with staff, then off to get my IV, not my favorite part. The Surgery center is so beautiful, Sutter has really done a great job. They have the HUGH comfy chairs you sent in when they ask you all your medical questions and then give you an your IV (something about forgien object stuff in my arm makes me nausea). After the IV, I started to cry - because that is what I do, (on a daily basis) I kissed Stephen good bye, and walked off the the surgery room, this room not so beautiful. I guess that makes sense though.
I lied on the table and started to cry again, not sobbing just a little lip quivering, I told the nurse not to take is personal, I just cry. So they asked a lot of questions about stuff I can't remember but I woke up, wondering where the box of Imaginecse product was and that I needed it to be received. He He the GT Crew will get a kick out of that. Then I wanted to know where my hubby was, and I sure let them know I was is real pain, keep those drugs coming.
So here I lay, on the couch with a laptop not bad. I have been in pain off and on, but I am keeping the pain pills coming. My theory is you recover faster by having the pain gone and sleeping all day for a few days.
A lot of our friends are helping out with the kids and we are so grateful thank you thank you.
The area where Mr. Grumpy Gallbladder was does not hurt of feel like there is a empty feeling, the incisions hurt, especially by my belly button. Shelby has informed me that I can not lift my shirt it makes her tummy hurt. If I had my camera I would take pics, I am sure you are all grateful I don't.
I also wanted to thank, my hubby, mom and all the rest of the family that is pulling together to help us. We love you and feel so appreciative.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Other pics, warning may seem graphic to some!

I will be having the using laparoscopic surgical techniques; meaning the Dr. will not cut me open all the way just a few little incisions.

Good By Mr. Gallbladder, I won't miss you..

Tomorrow is the big day, I go under the knife and have my gruppy Gallbladder removed for ever. He has not been good to me, I am a little apprehensive, about going "under" and a little nervous about the pain that will follow. And also worried if I will feel like something is missing, you know like there will be a little more room between my liver and stomach. I have been meditating lately and becoming "aware" of my bodies exsitance (I know that sounds werid to some of you) it's a chakra thing, anyway. Well, thinking and talking about it only makes me emotional. There are always risks involved with surgery no matter how minor, so hopefully all will go well, just send me positive thoughts tomorrow between 7:00 am and 9:00 am. If I have alot of people thinking good things for me, well the universe is bound to listen right?
If you are interested in knowing what they will be doing tomorrow check it outHere
There is a lot of info, out there and I have tried to read all of it so I am totally educated, but I still feel like I have know idea. They will be testing my gallbladder for other things, like cancer and some other diseases, when they take it out. The chances of having any of those are slim. Untill tomorrow night.....

First Day part two.

Kelsey first day of school went well, she had PE, recess and loves to eat hot lunch (that makes it so much easier for me). She is excited about her new classmates and the little boy she was "in love" with sits in front of her in class. Today was day #2 and she was equally excited about going. Unfortunately no pictures, my camera is still MIA, and I believe is being held hostage (i am kidding). Yes, she did where her "Chuck" as I was informed they are called, now that I know the cool lingo, I will pass on the knowledge to my 6 year old! Thanks Brandi

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day of School - 1st Grade

Well, today my oldest goose went off the 1st grade, and boy did I cry my eyes out. It was such an emotional day, especially since the teacher, really scared Kelsey while she stood in line for the door to open. Mrs. Weeks, said all eyes on me and well, my gooses eyes tend to wander (she gets that from her dad) and Mrs. Weeks had to walk over to her and tell her that she was talking and that when she was talking, all eyes should be on her. I thought she might cry, but, I may have thought this because I was crying.
We started the day early, so excited to wear our new clothes and shoes. Kelsey picked out the red converse shoes. Don't they look so cute!

Her breakfast request was pancakes with "snow", while she ate we talked about who she was excited to see and who she wasn't! And of course wondering what the other girls shoes looked liked, I am not quite sure were she get this shoe fetish. She has yet to return from school today so I will post all the good info, then. Shelby isn't to thrilled that sister is away for so long during the day, we are having lots of mommy and baby time. I know she isn't my baby but, she is.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Recipe Box with Teresa Collins paper

Here is the box I started yesterday with the new Teresa Collins Bon Appetit line; I love the black and green. I threw in some soft peach that matches some fot he title cards, just to give it a little bit more color. I love this line, and I think I might just make another one in a few days.

I think I might have project burn out two in two days is a lot for me, especially since Stephen is working, and I just bought Eclipse, the thrid book in the Twilight series!!! He He He, Raimi and Eve, bet you can guess what I will be doing tonight!

Something to Check out

My friend from Green Tangerinesis having a giveaway, check out Raimi.
Bye the way, Shelby did a #2 in the potty for the first time, my hubby knows me all to well, and asked "did you take a picture"?, I said no, I just might next time, of her not the #2!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So Cute...thanks to Samantha Walker!

A few months ago I came across This.
After trying to copy it myself by just the pictures which is totally hard I might add, I emailed Samantha Walker and soon, she sent me some info and now I finished this

I am working on another box with this line. Check back again to see the finished product!!

Been Tagged.....

So this is a first, and to be honest I don't know if I read 7 blogs that I can tag, because franky (short for frankly) they don't know me. Is that weird? Do you just tag someone you don't know to get to know them? hummmm, I will have to think about that so, I will tag who I know and who knows me!!!
Thanks Brandigirl

7 Random:
1.I LOVE looking for seashells, will spend hours, have spent hours and plan to spend more hours on the beautiful island of Kauai in January.
2.I'm addicted to diet and exercise information, but have a hard time getting to the gym.
3.One of my favorite tv shows is the news
4.I adore Journey
5.I hate gum snapping.
6.I have 3 printers on my desk, 1 for pics, 1 for scanning & pics & 1 for everything else, and no i will not get rid of any of them.
7.I am a huge pack rat....just ask Stephen.

Here are some people I know (some I don't)
that I think are really groovy.

Samantha Walker - she does stuff for Creative Imaginations

ok, I am totally lame, so I only have two. Hopefully I will work on that and if you are reading this and you don't know me, leave a comment and say hi, so I have more blog "friends"

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bo Bunny Board Book

So I have had this Board Book for a really long time, and only recently did I pull it out and start playing with it. I am really new to altered stuff, so bare with me, I am learning on how to "embellish" I am really just super plain jane so this is a first for me. The pictures are of my sweet little niece Kaeleana she is so angelic like and fun to take pictures of. I used the Cloud 9 paper, with matching embellishments. It was fun, I think I will try to do the Beach one next.

These books are so popular, take a look at what GT has Look for Sneak Peak
Every week, well (not lately) I will be posting the Sneak Peak at Green Tangerines, so take a look every Friday.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My new favorite Things

Ok, here are some of the things I LOVE right now.

These are some of American Crafts wonderful new products, picked some up at my favorite LSS and Cosmo Cricket, this Hat is my friends, Steph Chapmans, I LOVE IT!
Last but totally not least: THIS IS
my new ultimate favorite....thanks to Raimi,I am completely obsessed with this series. It is about Vampires, but with a few twists and boy Edward the main character, sweeps me off my feet. Wow, is the only word I can use to express my love for this series, the first one is Twilight, then New Moon, I am in search of the third Eclipse and then Breaking Dawn. The movie Twilight will be coming out December 12, and you can bet I will be waiting in line, like a crazy mad woman.
I read Twilight in two nights, and Eclipse in four uninterrupted hours,mind you it was 4:30am when I went to bed. Even if you don't care to read about Vampires or don't like science fiction, it is beyond that. It is fantastic! I should be the poster child for middle aged partially SAHM who read this book!

Soccer Soccer Soccer

Well we took the plunge. I signed Kelsey up for Soccer, we have had two practices,so far and I think she really likes it. Stephen and I joke that she is the most polite player in the WORLD! She will kick the ball run after it, but, she will pass it to anyone that wants it "to give them a turn" even if they are on the opposite team. I have raised my goose right. With the best manners. Thanks mom and Rich, you would be proud of me.
Kelsey has so much fun, we are anticipating the Soccer "weekends" to start. Good bye Saturdays.

Meredith is a Wife

My friend from work Meredith, got married last Friday. I haven't seen the pics but I am sure she was an amazingly beautiful bride. I was lucky enough to be invited to her bridal shower a couple of weeks ago and It was so fun. I even won the first game we played...ironically it was "how well you know Meredith". hummm, I have only known her for 6 months, I chalked it up to my VERY good memory and listening skills. My girls were a little shy, but the company was great, there were a few friends from work and I was able to put faces to the names that Meredith talks about.

Meredith is the one not dressed in the "potty paper" wedding gown---that would be Taryn from work.

I love my "work" friends, they are the best, wonderful, most amazingly strong creative women I have met.
Meredith - I love you!!! I hope your special day was wonderful and Brian is a lucky man.

Little things.

When Stephen was gone playing with the kids, I worked on these things. Not totally great, but I am happy with them.

First one was for Meredith's little goose, second was for Mom's 24Th wedding anniversary wow, and the third for my friend Lauren at work, she still has yet to receive it.
I am working on another project and it is taking me a little long to finish due to no time. So, more to come later...until then look At my favorite placefor my favorite things.