Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas here and gone

Christmas was very relaxing and fun this year. Shelby for the first time really understood what it meant and what to look forward too.

Stephen was able to make it home before the girls were out of bed so he could see their faces when they saw what "Santa" had brought them.

Shelby got Baby Alive, which is really cute, but not fun play on the carpet. Kelsey received a wooden puzzle of a train, she had been eyeing it for about 6 months at Orvis, She is so much like her dad. He was given a Orvis gift card to buy a much coveted reel for his Alaskan Fly fishing trip.

Christmas was good to me too, I ordered the Bamboo Tablet for my computer, I am hoping this will make using Photoshop a little easier, I loath the mouse! Now I just have to take some classes from Meredith, and I will be set!

I hope everyone had a joyous holiday.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!
I will be enjoying all 18 of our wonderful children and 17 cousins, aunts and uncles.
There should be 36 of us, but Stephen, has to work today and will be home tomorrow morning. But I am very excited to see the two new additions!
I hope everyone is traveling safe, and are warm and cozy!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I finally finished

I have spent way to much time on this little project, but it was fun.

The card didn't turn out the way I expected and wasn't exactly what I wanted. I may still change it.
I am in LOVE with Copic pens, I used it to color in the skin of Lilly (Skin White).
I may just go out and get a few more this evening. You can now buy them here

The bow on the box is my favorite. It was so easy to make. You take 1" by 6" and then pull the ends together and layer each of them. I will be making a lot more in the next few hours.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa and Reindeer

The family went to an annual Christmas party on Saturday with some friends, and there were some very special guests. One of the guests was welcomed with open arms and great big hugs. The others well, lets just say Stephen had a plan; and it wasn't a good one.
No he was not going to shoot it and skin it; he was going to tackle them and protect the children.
I however refused to stay in the room for more than enough time to get a few pictures.

oh I forgot about these. I think I was ten the last time I had a Tab. Yes it was yummy.

Stephen and Shelby watching Santa and his Reindeer very closely.

The Scary Reindeer. They were not happy and not fond of children or being confined in a small hot loud garage.

Kelsey receiving her gift from Santa, wow I didn't know he shopped at GT!
It was a great party, and I put in my request for next year; snow and elves.

Little projects for Christmas

Ok, so I spent a lot of today doing little projects that I wanted to have done before Christmas so I could incorporate them with some gifts. I should have started months ago, but I only got my little hands on this paper today so...enough said.
Here is what I did.
These are going to be tags on the gifts we are giving way.
This will hold a special gift card for a special someone.
I love this paper from My Minds Eye. I am still working on the card that will incorporate the little happy snowman. That is still to come.
And a quick sneak of the yummy goodness I worked up last night.

Just a pop into say hi

I am working on ALOT of stuff, and don't really have time to post but I will tonight with pictures.

I just got home from Green Tangerines and I bought some wonderful My Minds Eye Paper!!!! Hi Mer! He He He......
come back soon so you can see what I made.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas at the Campbell's

Decorating of Christmas is my favorite part of the year. Except for this year. I thought I had more decorations...I think Stephen secretly threw out all the old hammy down Santa stuff or i did, someone did and now I have to buy new stuff.
We did get a new item this year. Our beautiful fake tree, I nagged Stephen so much that one morning on his way home from work stopped off at Lowes and bought the most beautiful already lit tree.

I finally finished the Advent Calendar, this was a class at GT by Jodi, the girls love it. I put coins in each of the boxes, however Kelsey stills says every morning. when do we get the chocolate. I am not kidding when I say EVERY morning. You would think she would see the pattern here. hum, maybe she s really smart her self and that is her way of giving me a jab. hum.

Warning .... Graphic pic ....Hope there are no vegetarians out there

In our house we hunt for our food. Everyone gets involved --- except for me! I only eat Elk, yes i am a wild game snob.
Here is a pic or my lovely little goose next to a few geese they had for dinner. I am very proud of my hubby, he provides food for our family. This year however, he didn't get drawn for Montana so no Elk for me. I am sad.