Friday, May 30, 2008


Last Wednesday we had a brownie meeting and the girls made a felt quilt to donate to Shriners Hospital Downtown. All the mom's did was cut the felt and the girls did the tying. They had a great time. It turned out beautiful.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My little Ballerina

Oh, today was first day I was able to see Shelby doing dance class. I did not realize how much she enjoyed it and how good she was at it. We will deffenetly be continuing this activity.

Monday, May 26, 2008

My new craft...

Oh, my I taught myself how to make the most basic jewerly. Like I don't have anough crafts to do in the house I had to add another. These are my first pair of earing. I love them. One hangs more to the left than the other but oh well, I will tilt my head so you will never know! Please tell me what you think.

A Typical Day

Yes, this is what a typical day in the Campbell house looks like around 8:45am.
Stephen has finished fixing breakfast for him and Shelby and they are eating together. I will never have a problem getting my family to sit toghether as a family at meals. Because my children, have a hard time NOT eating their Daddy's food. He now makes enough for both of them.

Our Hero....

A few days after Mother's day, Stephen was going to get an award, from the Department. I was very excited since last time he got an award, he did not tell me, and I did not get to see him get it.
So here are some pictures of the Ceremony.
The girls and I had a great time, we met Stephen and the engine at the Station, and we rode to the ceremony on the Engine. It was really fun, then we sat in the scortching heat, and waited for the awards to be given. Kelsey did terrific, she listened and clapped, Shelby on the other hand, well, lets just say she is Shelby and that should be enough.
Finally they called him up and received his award. I was so proud. The Mistriss of Ceremonies, was Eddie Lambert whom I totally love and was hoping to get to meet her and tell here that I only watch Channel 3 because of her and Deidra, but that was short lived. It was so hot out side that she almost passed out in the middle of her speach. So neadles to say I did not get Stephen award autographed. He He (I wouldn't do that) - the program maybe.
Well there is always next year!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day (a day late!)

I had a great Mother's Day and I hope you all did too. My day started with 12 Roses, a couple cards and Stephen and the girls gave me a Gift Certificate to Macy's! Yeah, I can not wait to use that. Then we went to my moms for Breakfast. We enjoyed Eggs Benedict with my Grandparents and Aunti Lucy and Uncle Randy. The girls played and we all had a really good time.
The girls sat and watched a movie for the afternoon, and mom and dad got to take a nap. It was a perfect afternoon. Then we went to Debbie's for dinner and enjoyed be cooked for by all the men. It was great. We sat out side and just hung out together. The girls had such a great time playing with their cousin, Kaeleana and dancing around. For dinner we had steaks crab lobster and an amazing pasta. We were so spolied!
It was a fantastic day.

Friday, May 9, 2008

First Haircut

So I have been battling Stephen for a long time --- 2 years over getting Shelby's haircut. She was so blessed to have a full head of beautiful black hair when she was born and it continued to grow and become more wonderful. Yes she always had to wear it in a pony tail or pigtails. The occational briad, and even sometimes with a few barrets.
Well, I finally became disgusted by the knots and little rat nests that we had to deal with every morning and mid afternoon. The sweet boheiman hair child was looking more like cousin IT.
For the last two weeks, I have been secretly trying to find a perfect child salon that would intise her to sit and stay still, while she was put under the knife.
I found a cute quite little hair place call Lollipop Cuts for Kids too. So Cute! They have chairs that were once toys, two of them where jeeps, a firetruck and a pink little airplane. Shelby was given a barret and both girls got to chose a head band. -- Kelsey received a hair cut too, but that is a surprise for you all.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fun Time

Kelsey was at school and Shelby wanted to play outside. It was the perfect morning to do so. Stephen had not made it home yet from work, so we were waiting paitently to hear his truck coming down the street. I captured a few pictures of Shelbers playing with a sword and running around. She was calling herself "Capt. Jack Sparrow". Trying to capture Stephen and stabbing him with her sword.
We played with chalk and went through our ABC's and Numbers. She was really good at writing the letter "C". A fun morning before I headed off to work.

Friday, May 2, 2008


Stephen took the girls fishing with Pop Pop yesterday. They caught 10 fish! The girls had a great time. The Visser men and Tablada men came up to meet them and fish. Mike brought a bbq and cooked up some food. They had a great time. I was working as usual, but they had a great time.

check it out

My good friend Kristin who lives far far away (Pennsylvania) met in 2nd grade, and some how have remained in contact and kept our little friendship (that I am really proud of ) going. check out her website here. You can order right from her sight too. These polishes are great for little girls. I am so happy and so proud of her! Yea to Kristin: my Mommy Entrepreneur friend!!! I ordered Witching Hour and Praying for Sunrise or Silver Spoon, I can't remember, I will let you know.