Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kelsey's First (second) day of Kindergarten

Well, today was the big day. Kelsey has started a new year of Kindergarten. She loved it so much last year we decided to do it again.

She was so excited, she got up at 6:30 am and couldn't wait to put on her new clothes.

Shelby was not so excited. She wanted to go to school too and wear new clothes. Thankfully we had a Little Gym class today and she was kept occupied.

It was a little sad for me, because she does not have all her good friends in her class anymore. Hopefully she will find the same kind of friendships she did last year.

The really great thing this year was that Stephen was home to be a part of it. It was really good to see him there with her and she loved it.

Stephen made it Home!

Stephen finally made it home on Monday. He had a great time and was happy to see his girls and gauge.

We relaxed all day and took naps, had dinner and started putting the kids down for the night. It was a great day.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Stephen is doing good.

Stephen finally called last night around 12:30 am. I was so worried. He usually calls between 9-10:30 pm. So he made me wait another 2 hours ugh. It was so stressful.

The pic to the right is of 2005 trip on the boat to take them to the plane

He is have an amazing time, fishing is great weather is good and they are having fun. Today they float down or paddle down the remainder of the river to where a boat picks them up and then they go to where the float plane will pick them up. By the end of tonight he will be in Bethel on the way to Anchorage. They fly all day tomorrow and will be home in the am on Monday. We are so excited. We miss him.

Today Karl, Nancy and the girls are coming down to hang out with us and have a sleep over. A super fun day. We are so lucky to have great friends.

Friday, August 17, 2007

I am doing it....finally Warning. LOTS of Whining.

I am going to Cloverdale and SF to do my research. Hopefully I will have a someone to go with me. My plans are to get copies of micro films and books about the early settlers in our family. I have hit a road block on my Maternal Grandmothers side Grandma Jean's family. I am also trying to put a vacation together to go back east to research other family. Anyone interested? Let me know. I have about 4-5 weeks bank up with Stephen, that's how many weeks he is gone "playing" during the fall and winter. I think I am finally due for some mommy hobby time!!!!

Stephen should be home in 3 days. He is to call tonight.

Boy am I ready, Shelby is now screaming at the top of her lungs, because I won't let her watch the Cat in the Hat for the 7th time in 2 days. Yes, I have resorted to tv 24 hours a day! And I don't care. If you have heard her scream for an hour straight you would let her watch tv too. I have to say, Single mom's are super moms.

Wow she stoped, but I know longer have hearing in my left ear.

I am drained, tired and out of motivation to do anything, except whine about it.
I haven't been to the gym in a week and a half. I probably gained 10 lbs. I am bloated, and the house is a crazy mess. Laundry is not done, and I have yet made it to the grocery store, something I love to do.

This post should come with a disclaimer.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

5 Days and Counting....

Stephen will be home in 4 days and 20 hours, but who's counting.

I received my Gensmarts in the mail. Finally, and I can't install it on my computer. Oh bother as my friend Pooh would say.

The girls and I are great, we are keeping busy waiting for daddy and school to start.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Link to pics


The above link is to our family pics, throughout the year. I belive you can order the prints that you want. Some are from our friends too.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Stephen gone again.....

So Stephen and Rob along with Will (Rob's brother in law) and Steve. Made another trip to the Alaskan Tundra. What ever that is. So we are hear waiting to hear from him. Rob called Carrie on Friday night to let her know that they were safe and sound. That's good to know!

Exciting Stuff - to me anyway

I just ordered the Family Tree Maker 2008, it is suppose to be the best of the best. I also ordered Gensmarts. This program will help me with my to do lists and holes in my research.

I happened to get an email from a women in Charleston South Carolina, a few weeks back. She sent me family history on Samuel Dangerfield. Dorothy (Cookie Girl) Paternal Grandfather. I received names, dates, and counties all the way back to 1700's waa hoo! I was so excited. It really was a good day. Especially since I have been looking for information on Samuel since 2002!

On my side I hit the Jackpot on my Paternal side. Most of you know I don't really have a relationship with my dad. So, I posted messages on the message boards, SIX years later - I received a email from a distant cousin in South Dakota. She sent me info on my Paternal Grandfathers side all the way back to the 1500's. So Exciting. The real exciting part, One of my relatives was Abraham Lincoln - yes the President.

That is all the good news I have received recently. Hopefully more will come.

Ok, Here it Goes (Again)

Ok, so I am trying this again. I am not sure what happened to my other blog. But it disappeared when I made our web page. Go figure.

So, this blog is to keep our family involved in our family research. Family history has become so important to Stephen and I. We hope that you will get excited with us on our journey where ever it may take us. Hopefully to beautiful places. You can also post comments and questions. There will also be a link to our family website and from there you can find our family tree home page, along with other links that we frequently use.