Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shelby's Swim Party

Well apparently in the Campbell house if you are the second child you just get well screwed (excuse the expression).
Shelby didn't have a convensional bday party. due to the fact that it had to be moved last minute! So we put one together super fast and boy all our friends really came together! There was no big expensive cake, I made one for $.98, and we ordered $5.00 pizza from Little Ceaser. But we had a lot of love around us and had a great time. We pretended that the air was clear and healthy for our young and swam into the night. Thanks everyone that came out!
Here are all the little fish, swimming in our pond.

Happy Birthday Jack Chapman

We went to the Chapmans for Jack's Birthday party. The girls and us had a great time! The kids played with lizards, swam and ran around the yard. A perfect party! Food and cake and cake and more cake (for the kids anyway). Stephen and I had an equally fantastic time as always with the Chapmans! Here are some great pics.

Closing of the Play..Starring KELSEY!

We sat thru 60 minutes of a play of other children, that were amazing by the way! Just for this wonderful moment. We are so proud of Kelsey! I know it is one sentence, but she never wavered. She spoke so clearly and projected her voice so the entire audience could hear.

Here she is

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Daddy Time...

My girls are so lucky to have a wonderful daddy...Yesterday, Stephen couldn't find Shelby's Ballet shoes to take her to class, and to be honest she really didn't deserve to go. She is going through terrible threes. They are so terrible that we should be exempt from the terrible teenage years. We can only hope.
Anyway, so with a screaming little one, daddy does what he does best. Change the scenery. He packed up the kids and took them boating. Wow, what a life my geese have. Matt and his son Clint meet up with them for a fun day on the lake. After boating all day, Stephen took the girls for a healthy dinner, at some restaurant that was having Taco Tuesday. When we asked what Kelsey favorite part of the day was, she responded with "Taco Tuesday". They have street tacos for a dollar, apparently they ate "20" wow. I enjoyed a wonderful quite evening with a interesting vegan gluten free meal... oh lucky me.

The Tony goes to...

Our little goose Kelsey! Over the last few weeks, Kelsey has been going to Theater class, they were practicing for a production by the Magic Circle Theatre in Roseville.
They were putting on the production of Dragon the Line. It was about a Daddy dragon and his 15 little hatchlings. There were little green Irish people, trolls, and wise people (Kelsey). It was a really great play, the kids were amazing singing, dancing and remembering their lines. We were really impressed.
I am going to try and put the video on line. So check back here later.
The picture is not the best I do admit, Kelsey is in the red and white kamono with two pig tails. She had a great time.
She also had some special guest that I would like to thank, Tammy and her girls and the Fitzgerald girls, and the Chapmans. Thank you so much for coming and supporting Kelsey you guys are the BEST!!!! She was so excited that she had friends that came to watch her.

Monday, June 9, 2008

More Birthday.....

It seems in this family that birthdays go on for days.
Here is what we did at Mama's last night.

My little Girl turns Three....

Friday was Shelby's 3rd Birthday. It was a very exciting day for her. She woke up asking for her presents, and downstairs we went. For the last six months we have been very lucky to have used the "for my Happy Birthday" line if she ever wanted anything at the store. And it usually ranged from gum, lipstick, toys and clothes. So I tried my hardest to remember what she wanted, I failed! I just bought what I thought she might liked and what I would like to play with too.
We started the afternoon off with lunch at Leatherbys..yummy yummy! I did not join in the eating fun, but everyone else had yummy ice cream.
We then ending the evening with Bubba, Aunti and Kaeleanna over for dinner. We all had so much fun. Birthday cake too.

Couldn't help myself....

Well, I pulled out my sewing machine and random bag of fabric. I decided that I should practice my sewing.....
Next thing you know I am makin' an apron. It's totally wacky and crazy with all different not so pretty colors and patterns but I LOVE IT.
I had originally had these fat quarters sewn together to make a quilt for the girls to take along in the car, but I didn't want to by backing and all the other I cut it down and practice my sewing. It turned out pretty nice.