Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sunday Dinner

Look at my sweet little niece, I am totally in love with her. She is quite the amazing little girl. She started crawling early, and the she started walking at barley 10 months. She is so sweet and loving and she loves her cousins. They are pretty head over heels too.
Right now my sweet Kaylee is in Kauai, getting her first Hawaiian tan. Lucky girl.

Saturday Morning Fav.

I have learned to love Soccer, I however do not like watching practice! It is not so much fun. Last Saturday, I know I am a little behind on my posting. Kelsey was picked to play goalie, I don't think she really liked it. Only one goal was made with her guarding the net, she was able to stop the ball a few times. One time she actually waved her hands out in front of her motioning to her teammates that she did not want the ball. Very funny, I was so embarrassed. Here are some picks of my cutie.

Shelby, Ashlynn, and Raelynn were playing on the sidewalk through the last half of Kelsey's game and for another hour while Carsten and Parker played. These little girls are so cute.

12 Weeks of Christmas

GT Has started the 12 Weeks of Christmas. We are on week 2, the first week was August done by Kinsey and June by Raimi. Every Wednesday a new kit will be released; here is what the last two look like.

This little layout is one of my favorites right now. I used Diamond Glaze on the "My" and it looks really neat.

I am really trying to go "out of my box" and it is really hard. I am always second guessing myself. I am not sure why, since the only person that has to really like it is me.


I do have consistency in my life. I consistently forget to blog, I consistently forget to blog for work, I am consistently not losing any weight, I am not consistently exercising, I am not consistently reading the last book of the twilight series. So you see I do have consistency in my life; just not what I expected.
So I am going to try to be more consistent; and I am going to start with this. I hope you will join me.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cards for Kaeleana

I bought these really cute stamps from Pink Cat Studio's. I love Lilly you can dress her up they make for great cards

I made these for my Sister in Law Denise, and for my little sweet niece Kealeana. She has a grandma in New York, so I thought they would be cute little cards to send fun messages to. I loved coloring these, it felt so good to color and trying to be really careful and not go out side the lines.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just a little off the back....

hummm, no that is not what I asked, when I went in to the salon today. I said take it all off! Don't leave anything behind.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Some like to forget this day in our history, I like to remember it. I want my children to grow up remembering it. September 11th was a hard and horrible day, as a family we were not impacted directly (thank the powers at be) but it did however effect us as Americans and as family of a Firefighter and a larger family of Firefighters. We dealt with anger and hopelessness, sadness, gratetude and admiration. All the feelings that you could have on day that it was 7 years ago. To be honest I do forget some days. But then there are the days when I send my hubby off to work, and the reality does sit in. Will he come home? and when he does will he be safe? I know that Stephen actually going into a building and it collapsing is something that is probably not going to happen, but even a small roof collapsing or being on the side of the freeway, or being in a rough neighborhood is dangerous. And I won't even get started on the air and chemicals he breaths in everday and what they are doing to his body. - Now I am totally off the subject.
Today doesn't only mean remebering the Firemen, office workers, piolits, flight attendents, travelers, police officers and everyone eles that was lost this day 7 years ago, but to remember the service men and women that fight for our country each day. For the ones that were lost and the ones have come home with physical and mental complications.
Fear set in on that day for me, before that I was very nieve. I am very proud of all that serve our country. And I am very proud of all the firemen and police officers that put their lives on line here at home. I hope you spend a little time today feeling gratitude for those who keep us safe.
I am VERY proud to be an American.
> she steps off her soapbox.....

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Woo Hoo Tami!

Yes, I am going to toot my own horn!! I have lost 5 lbs. I started Weight Watchers last week and I am kicking my own big butt. I am going back an forth with Lean Cuisine and Smartones. These food are so yummy. It probably costs a little more than Nutrisystem, and since my hubby wasn't quite excited about that I decided to do this instead. Yea Me! I have a little over 19 weeks until we leave for Kauai and I have some serious work to do! Wish me luck.
oh here is a picture of Stephen and I at his 20 year Reunion. It was so much fun, I had a great time with all my girlfriends, that sounds weird since it was his reunion. But Stephen has stayed friends with everyone so I know all the spouses. It was like having a girls night out, only the boys were there. It was so fun.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Working on some stuff

Last night I was able to go to Scrappy Hour with some wonderful friends of mine! It was a great night. I got a few things done, with a little (and a lot) of help from my wonderful coworkers Kinsey and Lauren! Even though I have been scrapbooking for 5 years, I am still a beginner beginner! I love to have help from people I adore and admire. Thanks girls.
By the way, I am apparently doing something wrong with regard to using my camera and taking pic of these.
Please if you can help I would really appreciate it.

Let the Games Begin

First Soccer game was so great! Kelsey had fun and she played really well. She got to kick the ball to start the game and she ran after it like it was a feather blowing in the wind. By that I mean, she really isn't the most aggressive player, she is very polite and I am not sure she has much confidence in herself. But I have faith she will get to that place. She played the first half of each quarter? I am a little confused with the lingo of soccer. It was so fun to watch her play and cheer her on! The second half she played Defense? (not sure) any way she was able kick the ball away from the other team so her teamates could send it on its way to the other side of the field. Such fun! I can't wait until next Saturday....also because I don't have to bring snack again!