Sunday, August 2, 2009


We went boating with Gina and her kids yesterday. It was fun, however I will never go on a Saturday again. There are really stupid and inexperienced boaters and jet skiers on the lake. Apparently everyone can drive a boat. Yeah, makes you think.
So we played it REALLY safe and went to find a cove. It was fine until some really uneducated people decided to join us pulling a water skier going really fast in our small little cove, Stephen ended up yelling at him to stop and then the guy let all 15 people out of his boat to party on the shore. So we left. To find a new cove. And we did, it was better. That's were I took these neat pictures.

Have a Gymnast for a friend makes for fun times and great pictures against the beautiful blue sky.

Tomales Bay

We spent the weekend with Denise Rob and Kaeleana in Tomales in a cute little house called the Poet's Loft. It is on the water, not near or close or partial on, but totally on top of the water. On stilts. Yes I was a little nerves until I saw that they were concrete stilts, then I was put at ease.
I tried something different with these pictures so I didn't have to load a bunch separately.

We did a lot of fun things that weekend. We fished a lot, wine tasted, ate yummy donuts, watched the girls play together. Denise and I went to Point Reyes to run up to Arch Rock, it was fantastic. And we would end each night with yummy food, laughs and wine!

Ok, so that didn't work like I thought it would. I am going to have to consult the expert and the manual for photo collages.

Alot has been going on....

We have been so busy this summer, so not too much blogging going on! Here is a little OK maybe a long recap of some of the fun stuff we have done.

Lake Tahoe July 2009, we went up Tahoe as a family and I mean the WHOLE family Moms and Dads, Sisters, Brothers, Cousins, and even a few friends!! We celebrated Rob graduating from Residency his mom and sister came out from New York. We also celebrated my 33rd Birthday. It was fun!

That's our trip, well most days anyway. Shelby was really sick from a bladder infection, and then my camera battery died and I forgot to recharge it.