Friday, May 1, 2009

This ones for YOU!

And you know who you are! OK, so that last month has been fun and full of fun stuff, at home and on little journeys through out the land.
I also want to thank a friend for reintroducing me to Oregon Trail. Yes now I spend more time on that then I do FB. its just that fun.

San Francisco Zoo has always been a favorite. but this time we were a tad bit disappointed. there were a lot of animals that were being checked by the vet and some of the exhibits were closed. But the weather was fantastic and the kids had a great time.
After the zoo we headed to our hotel and to have dinner and to take advantage of the Manager cocktail hour.... FREE Cocktail hour! Then on to a little Thai restaurant. We were dropped off at the restaurant by the shuttle and then we would have to walk back. On the way to the restaurant the children were able to see the real live people zoo of San Fran! A man peeing on a building on the side walk, and men sleeping in cardboard boxes and sleeping bags along side of buildings and sidewalks. It was so great. The children had decided that those people forgot to pay there bills and that is why they didn't have a place to pee or sleep. Fun Times.

the next day we went to California Science Academy over spring break it was a lot of fun. There was so much to see and the kids really had a good time. We did miss the Planetarium show. Stephen was a really sad. I don't think I have ever seen him so disappointed.

I was going to add Easter pics but they won't load.UGH!