Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring is all around us

Kelsey has been loving the fact that our trees are becoming strong enough to hold her while she scales the branches. During one afternoon, she came upon something spectacular. Everyday, she climbs a few branches a peers to watch a new family in our back yard. This is a mommy pigen, laying with her eggs.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This is the project I worked on today.... I took all the pages out of this old album and sprayed the paper with archival mist and put them in page protectors and into a new Leather album. So Grandma and Family can enjoy without having to worry about the pages disintegrating in our hands.
I am back in Business.....Well, I guess if the business is emailing blogging and surfing the web. I AM BACK and baby it feels good.

And I added this really fantastic music thing to my blog so now you can listen to all of our families MOST favorite songs.

So if you were unaware of my absents, and if you care My poor little computer has been ill, well dead to be frank. The hard drive bit the dust and $$$$$ later here we are.

Lots of things have happened since then....Girls getting bigger, weather getting nicer, and work getting busier. But everyone is good. I have a lot of family history stuff coming up, that I will be sharing soon.

till then.