Sunday, January 20, 2008

Curly was shot

Last night our cat Curly was shot with a BB Gun, in front of our house. Can you believe it! He came running in the kitchen about 5:45pm, Gauge scared him out, and I turned and noticed a GIGANTIC pool of blood. Not just drops, a pool. Stephen and I tracked the blood through out backyard with flashlights and calling his name. Curly finally came from our neighbors yard 45 min. later.

He was bleeding from the neck really bad. I took him to the emergency room, and they rushed him in like in ER, but there weren't so many people and he was is a cat, (but you get the picture). A tech came out named Paul, who I think felt really bad for having to give me the devastating news that this was about to cost me about a $1,000.00 an hour! As i tried not to hyperventilate, through my tears, I told him that all we wanted to do was xrays, iv and meds, that alone was $350.00! And then we would do what we needed when they knew exactly what had happened.

20 minutes later Dr. Furtado was ready to talk with me, she did confirm that Curly was shot with a BB or Pellet Gun and it entered the left side of his neck barely missing his esophagus and trachea along with arteries and other stuff, it then traveled toward the back of his body finally stopping along the ribs outside of the body cavity. Thank GOD! no Surgery.

I was able to see him and say good night, and sign a DNR, can you believe they will actually pull a crash cart, cut open and pull apart the chest bone and massage you animals heart for a small price of $450.00 per 20 minuets to keep it alive. Wow, we love our kitty but we couldn't see that happening.

We picked him up this morning, and we are nursing him back to health. He is doing great! Sleeping alot and has no interest in going outside. Can you blame him.

We did call the police and have a case opened and are looking into a neighbor who has been known to make threats against cats with guns.

Please keep curly in you thoughts.

What a weekend!

Kelsey had basketball Saturday morning and she is getting so much better. I think she really likes that she is moving all the time. There is no time to get bored with this game. She tries hard you can watch some of the game, I recorded just hit the play button.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ugh, Resolutions

Stephen and I have made some seriously hard core resolutions this year! I made the decision to drop my old habits and take on new ones! Starting with my diet (I am however throwing that word out the window). Healthy eating is going to replace it. And I am going to move more. Stephen has agreed to purchase a treadmill, so I can do cardo at home. My life has gotten so busy i have not visited the gym in almost 3 months yicks. Having a treadmill will definitely make my life a little easier. I also signed a contract with myself with the help of Oprah and Bob Greene. If you are interested in that check out It has some really great helpful tips to change your life.

Stephen has quit chewing tobacco! Not just quiting for awhile but for good! As long as I stick with my healthy life style he will stick with his. Hopefully that works for him. Knowing that the other person is giving up a bad habit, really makes it easier to do. So far anyway.

I know that sounds silly and that we shouldn't be doing these things for each other but for ourselves. But, we are learning that we are a team and doing things for ourselves sometimes hurts the other person.
So I have uploaded this picture, to show what I look like now -- scary. I will be doing weekly post to show progress.
I know you all are not that interested but, this is keeping me on track. Oh, by the way I won this weeks body fat challenge at work, I won a whoppin $25. Ooh Hoo!

High School Musical 2

I never expected that HSM2 would take over the house, and by the daughter I least expected to be completely infatuated with the music dancing and the movie. Shelby has yet gone a day without watching, dance, listening or singing part of the movie. She loves the parts where the boys are playing sports and sing. Who would have thunk it. I bought the cd in hopes that we could get away from watching the movie twice sometimes three times a day, and now I have to mute the tv and play the cd. Watch Shelby and Kelsey loving HSM2

if you have never seen HSM2 I recommend it or boys and girls. It is about high school students but it is very much geared toward the younger crowd. It has a great message and there is no smooching until the end with a very small kiss. Definitely a movie that the whole family can enjoy. I have even caught Stephen watching it with the girls.

Our sad lime tree

We have had this beautiful tree in our backyard for almost 2 years and we have had little limes grow every once in a while well, I think this is the only lime we have had in almost a year. And I don't think it is going to get any bigger. I am waiting for the poor thing to just fall off. At what point do we just give up? by the way this pictures was taken with my new wonderful camera. I absolutely love this! I might even blow it up and frame it.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Well, 2007 was a wonderful year, but I am not sad to let it go. I am very excited to see what 2008 brings for my family and friends. Christmas was so wonderful, we spent a quiet morning at home with my side of the family. We had a great Christmas brunch and had fun opening our presents. My sister made it up from Bakersfield, so that was great and for the first time in probably 15-17 years, my grandparents were with us; that made my whole year. I have wanted to spend Christmas morning with them for a really long time. It was the best Christmas present ever.

The afternoon, was wonderful we went to Stephens mom's house and had a really relaxing afternoon and wonderful dinner. It was just the family, so we were able to enjoy Kaylee and the girls getting their presents. We even had a family TV- karaoke spectacular. It was the best day ever. And thank you to our parents, they adapt around our schedules so much and we really appreciate it.

We spent New Years Eve up in Truckee, celebrating Madison and Sydney Earley's 7th birthday. We always have so much fun with them. We spent the last few hours of 2007 and the first few hours of 2008 with our wonderful friends Jeff, Stephi and their boys and Karl, Nancy and their girls.

Stephen Shelby and I left in the morning, because I had to work. Kelsey was lucky enough to stay with the Chapman's and the Earleys to sled and play in the snow.

I got a new camera for Christmas and I plan on utilizing it to its full potential.
I hope you all had a wonderful start to the New Year.
Love you