Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween at the Campbell's

We this was the first official halloween where Shelby fully participated and understood, what would happen if you rang a door bell and said Trick or Treat. Someone give you a hand full of candy, and then if you say Happy Halloween in a cute sweet voice you get more candy. Lucky us.

We started the day with a fun parade at Kelsey's school then a class party. The Stone's came over for a little pre trick or treat fun. The kids had fun in their costumes together. The Papa (steve) came over to help with trick or treating. Shelby finally decided to wear her hair. It only took a little bribe. She wasn't going to be able to trick or treat unless she wore the hair. Those costumes are expensive!

We only went to 5-6 houses and we were back in 20 min! I believe I have set a record. We spent the rest of the evening handing out candy, and enjoying all the costumes or the neighborhood kids - and some i have never seen before. But it was a great Kelsey really got into it and was such a good sport, even if her Daddy left with the car to work that held her Cheetah tail and we lost her ears. She could not have been such a good sport. I am really proud of her.

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