Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kit Club

Yes it has been another month and I have my NEW February Kit from Green Tangerines. I do have to say I haven't even opened the bag yet (it is so pretty) I haven't had time to sit down and play with the fun stuff. But I plan on making time this week.
If you are interested in GTKC goooooooo HERE

On another note. Kelsey started practicing with Magic Circle Theatre again. This performance is called "let them eat Kelp"? Not really sure what this is about but she will get to sing "yellow submarine" by the Beatles. So I bet it will be good.

Still going and slow with weight watchers. Up to 8lbs now. very exciting yes it has taken me 8 weeks to get there. I did however figure out that wine really kills weight loss. So I will have to kick it out of my diet for a little while.


Eve said...

I just LOVED this kit! So many fun colors to work with. You will be able to make lots of fun layouts with your girls!
Miss ya!

Raimi said...

Can't wait to hear what that play is about. Did she enjoy play practice? Hope you had a super weekend!