Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hello? Where did my mojo go?

Oh, I am having a terrible time finding the energy and drive to exercise.  Where did my mojo go?  I looked under the bed, in the closet, I even looked in the fridge.  I found that when I couldn’t find it I went for the food.  Yep, I have NOT been eating clean or exercising.  And we all know what that means.  My legs are getting soft and my bum is getting softer.

Last week I signed up for the Urban Cow Half Marathon.  It is in October so I do have plenty of time for training.  I am excited for it I just wish I was more excited to train for it.  I have missed all my tri training in a week and a half.  Mostly because I have been feeling crappy from a cold. I would be lying if I said this wasn’t effecting my mind and spirit.  It is amazing the power exercise and good food do to your overall health.

So, I am dressed to exercise with a runny nose and nasty sore throat, I have to put on my shoes and head out to Maidu for bootcamp this morning.  I am looking forward to seeing the lovely ladies that make up the Wednesday am group.  Wish me luck.

 camping and tri 010

This is what we did for nine days prior to me losing my mojo.  Maybe that is why.  Nine days of camping, boating, drinking, and eating.  I actually did pretty good.  I ran with my friends 4 times, 2.75 miles each, kayaked from across the lake to this very point twice.  My eating was very mindful and my drinking well, better than you would expect.  I gave up alcohol a month before the tri.  So my body wasn’t prepared for the drinking and did not care to much for it.  Which is good. I was so exhausted when we returned home, I believe the  mojo just slipped away.

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Kristen said...

Yay for the Urban Cow...Woot Woot! Hey, email me your address (mine is on my blog) and I'll add you to my motivation emails...I've been sending them out once a week to my Half girlies...helps me stay motivated. :)