Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hat Creek California

My hubby and I traveled to Hat Creek Ca. A tiny little town named by the Creek that runs through it. It's about 60 miles north east of Redding. About 4 hours away from Rocklin. It was quite a drive, but in the end when we arrived we were so excited. We kind of new what we were getting but to see it in person it was breathtaking.
Stephen caught so many beautiful fish, some big and some small. I scrapbooked and watched more movies than I have watched in 3 years. It was a great get away. We didn't leave the property we cooked in and talked listened to music and drank way to much! We started the days with Champagne, the way I like to start my day. I didn't get to many layouts done. I did those pictures that you should scrapbook, but you are really not interested or excited about doing. It was hard. Each afternoon I would sit down with a glass of White Wine a piece of Cambazola cheese and crackers and try to get excited and use my prettest paper and embellishments and NOTHING...It was agonizing. Ah, what I would have given for a trip to GT for some much needed inspiration. I may or may not be showing those layouts. It is such a sad sad thing.
Here are some more pics...I think we will be visiting again next year..maybe for a 7 year anniversary.


Eve said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. I might need to get that info for the cabin!
Good for you two to get away!

Raimi said...

WE love Hat Creek! It is my Granpa's favorite place to camp/fish! I wish I could say that we stay in a cute cabin like yours. We are usually on the ground...in tents-lol! I am glad you had a wonderful time! You deserved it! Welcome home!

Tami said...

you can find the cabin here: