Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hernia be gone

I had surgery yesterday, and it went really well. It turns out that I had TWO hernia's good thing I found it when I did. Because it was only going to get BIGGER! yicks...thanks for all the love and support. Especially from the girls and guy at GT. I really am a part of something fabulous.
I do want to brag just a bit because well, I never do and it is making me happy. A receipe box that I made a while back in on the front tabel at GT, and people like it! Yeah. I know that sounds strange but it makes me so happy, because I am really not to confident in the projects I make. So there it is thats my brag. Even though I know that the Teresa Collins paper is the reason that everyone loves, it but I will take the credit for this project. Yea me.

I have sort of started Jessica Sprauges project, well I am getting the emails at least. I a stuck on the couch for a few more days. So I will start hopefully on Saturday.
I am also excited to start Ali Edwards project. I will do links some time today when I am not on pain meds and I can remeber how.


brandigirl said...

glad you are good...i want to hear more about your ae project!!! can't wait

Denise Z. said...

Hey, Tami--glad all went well and you're back home healing! Put your feet up and let your family spoil you for a while.

kinsey said...

phew...that's good news. i was rooting for ya tell those hernias who's boss! hahaha, but seriously, i'm glad it's taken care of. i'm sending good vibes your way and i can't wait to see you so i can manipulate your chakras...naughty naughty.

ps. you sell yourself rock the scrap scene. the recipe box is the bomb :)

Raimi said...

happy to read that you are well! I have been thinking about you & hoping all went well. I am glad you got in to see your surg. ASAP. You recipe box is darling & you should be proud! YAY TAMI! Do you need anything?