Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stories In Hand...The story is I am still stuck on day 5!

This project from Jessica Sprague, is great! There is a lot of printing and cutting which was perfect for me; especially since I don't really remember a whole lot from last week (due to surgery and pain meds). So I finally finished the project part - and have yet to start on the story part. It feels gloomy to me, well I guess that is not the right word for it. Overwhelming is the correct word. I have just received Day 9 email, and I haven't really done anything over Day 5 yet. But I am going to just dive in tonight.

I would love to hear if you have started and what your progress is.
And since I haven't finished that project....I still have yet to start this fantastic project
and no I am not biased because it happens to be Ali, its just fabulous.

One last thing....
I came across this . website/blogand for some reason I can not stay away.....check it out.
I was on the couch one evening totally bored, and so I just started going through peoples favorite blogs...Yes I am that nosy! So the Pioneer Women, she is a writer? photographer, Mama and her pics and life really do take you away from the city. Makes me want to go out and live on a ranch...well, no it does not I did that once... I don't like feeding livestock! And I would be way to far away from Green Tangerines. So I will just continue living my city life, happy, healthy, and fully stocked with all the latest and greatest scrapbooking has to offer.....


Eve said...

I would take some pics of my progress.
BUT there is none!

kristen said...

hee hee...right there with you guys...days 1-4, all printed and sitting here...no cutting done! and i can't even look at day 5 because i started to and realized that it was a lot of work! eek!

kristen :)

brandigirl said...

i have not started...but i can not wait...yours is so beautiful, i cant wait to see it.