Friday, February 27, 2009

Look what I came home to.

So my hubby, he is a well rounded kind of guy. He cooks, cleans, creates and even plays pretend with the girls. He can cook about anything, and his hating of clutter really helps with keeping the house clean. He even makes sculptures with the girls and forts and on the rare occasion I will get a scrapbook layout for my birthday and/or anniversary.
Well, today when I can home from work I found another amazing thing he can do.

He built Window Seals for all the windows downstairs and is going to start upstairs next week. We didn't have these, we just had an ugly cut out, and since our house isn't really decorated (not my thing) this really makes it look more homey.
I am so happy about them I had to share.


Raimi said...

Your window sill looks great. What a sweet hubby! I think he's a keeper ;-).

Eve said...

Very nice!
He did a professional job!