Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Very own little crab feed

Stephen went with a friend yesterday to pull his crab pots in Bodega Bay!  How do you say no to that.  All I wanted to know is if we were going to get to have crab for dinner yumo!

He left really early in the am, met Mike and then off they went.  It turned out to be the most beautiful day on the ocean, sun shining and the water calm.  The first few pots were close to empty, pulling up one or two crab with a starfish or jellyfish.  They were bringing to worry about how they were going to feed both families on such small Pickens.   Well, the last post they pulled up had 17 crabs!!!  Dinner here we come.

Mike gave Stephen 8-9 crab, we set the table up with a disposable tablecloth, cracked the crab and away we ate.  And boy did we eat.  Four adults and 8 crabs!  Yum Yum.  The kids did help a little, maybe a claw or two.  It was a great dinner.CIMG0507 CIMG0508 CIMG0509 CIMG0513 CIMG0516 CIMG0517 CIMG0519

Stephen had a great time, he has always wanted to be a part of Dangerous Catch.  It was just minus the Dangerous part, with an insert of Beautiful Bodega Catch.

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