Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wow, Its been awhile.

Updating the family blog has not been on the top of my list lately.  One reason its a pain in the behind with my pc.  Now I have this wonderful new friend.  I’ll call him Pete.  Yes I name my favorite appliances, cars, and techno toys.  Some of you have met Thor!  Anyway Pete and I are just getting acquainted and I noticed that I have a little button that if i connect my blog to it, it literally takes me right there are.  No login, no getting ready and trying to do something in html or whatever that is.  Just writing and thinking and blogging.  Yea! I am really really really excited.  Yes that required 3 really.


ok here are some pictures of Halloween I love this holiday. So much, I just wish Stephen was able to enjoy it with us more.  He has never been trick or treating with Shelby – seriously never!  In four years he has been gone.  Terrible I tell ya.

DSCN1965 look at my beautiful and scary girls.  Kelsey wanted to be a vampire and Mrs.. Shelby a Spanish dancer/princess.  She was in heaven with the dress and makeup.

The girls went around the neighborhood with my in-laws, and I passed out candy.  My favorite part.  Then Kelsey decided she was done, but Shelby was not she trick or treated for another 20 min.

At the end of the night they had huge bags of candy and were so happy.  Shelby wanted to do it again the next night.  The girls are already planning what they are going to wear next year.  We can’t wait.

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