Monday, February 22, 2010

Training Day 47 (yikes it’s been awhile)

Ugh, really 47, yikes. It has been so much fun!  I have come a long way.  I have almost dropped an entire size, and haven’t lost to much weight because I have been gaining muscle, but I have lost so many inches.

Could I be trying harder yes!  Have I been giving it my all?  Honestly no.  And I really need to start.  I am enjoying the process but also taking it really slow.  I threw myself into training and put nutrition on the back burner.  For me that was the best way.  I love food.  I have made changes but nothing dramatic. I can now run 4 miles woo hoo and I am running almost 15 miles a week.  I love it.

On March 28th, I will be participating in a race being put on by Mama Bootcamp!!! Yahoo.  My goal is the 10k, but the rate I am going with injuries and feeling ah just a little sore probably the 5k.  But I can hope.

So today, I am suppose to run or do some kind of cardio. I don’t want to.  Plain and simple….I just don’t want to.  I will though.  I will get on that Treadmill and run my butt off. 

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