Saturday, January 16, 2010

Training Day 9 (Friday)

Rest Day Yippy!

I forgot to mention yesterday that when I got home from Tri Training, I took an Ice Bath to help my legs recover from the week.  It took me 10 min to get in, and I used Lamaze breathing to get me through it.  After the first 2 minutes, it wasn’t to bad.  It felt like needles in my ankles and feet, then that went away.  It started to feel good, I know that is crazy but it did.  I got out after about 5 minutes, then took a really hot shower and stretched.  Pantea our running coach recommended this, she said I would feel better.  And YES I did.  I am actually looking forward to running on Saturday and then plunging in the ice again.  Anything that will make the recovery faster and more effective.

We made Clean Eating Turkey burgers from dinner tonight and they were yummy the entire family enjoyed them.  They were so juicy and we put chopped garlic in them for that extra yummy flavor.  So good.

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