Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day (a day late!)

I had a great Mother's Day and I hope you all did too. My day started with 12 Roses, a couple cards and Stephen and the girls gave me a Gift Certificate to Macy's! Yeah, I can not wait to use that. Then we went to my moms for Breakfast. We enjoyed Eggs Benedict with my Grandparents and Aunti Lucy and Uncle Randy. The girls played and we all had a really good time.
The girls sat and watched a movie for the afternoon, and mom and dad got to take a nap. It was a perfect afternoon. Then we went to Debbie's for dinner and enjoyed be cooked for by all the men. It was great. We sat out side and just hung out together. The girls had such a great time playing with their cousin, Kaeleana and dancing around. For dinner we had steaks crab lobster and an amazing pasta. We were so spolied!
It was a fantastic day.

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