Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Hero....

A few days after Mother's day, Stephen was going to get an award, from the Department. I was very excited since last time he got an award, he did not tell me, and I did not get to see him get it.
So here are some pictures of the Ceremony.
The girls and I had a great time, we met Stephen and the engine at the Station, and we rode to the ceremony on the Engine. It was really fun, then we sat in the scortching heat, and waited for the awards to be given. Kelsey did terrific, she listened and clapped, Shelby on the other hand, well, lets just say she is Shelby and that should be enough.
Finally they called him up and received his award. I was so proud. The Mistriss of Ceremonies, was Eddie Lambert whom I totally love and was hoping to get to meet her and tell here that I only watch Channel 3 because of her and Deidra, but that was short lived. It was so hot out side that she almost passed out in the middle of her speach. So neadles to say I did not get Stephen award autographed. He He (I wouldn't do that) - the program maybe.
Well there is always next year!

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