Friday, May 9, 2008

First Haircut

So I have been battling Stephen for a long time --- 2 years over getting Shelby's haircut. She was so blessed to have a full head of beautiful black hair when she was born and it continued to grow and become more wonderful. Yes she always had to wear it in a pony tail or pigtails. The occational briad, and even sometimes with a few barrets.
Well, I finally became disgusted by the knots and little rat nests that we had to deal with every morning and mid afternoon. The sweet boheiman hair child was looking more like cousin IT.
For the last two weeks, I have been secretly trying to find a perfect child salon that would intise her to sit and stay still, while she was put under the knife.
I found a cute quite little hair place call Lollipop Cuts for Kids too. So Cute! They have chairs that were once toys, two of them where jeeps, a firetruck and a pink little airplane. Shelby was given a barret and both girls got to chose a head band. -- Kelsey received a hair cut too, but that is a surprise for you all.

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