Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa and Reindeer

The family went to an annual Christmas party on Saturday with some friends, and there were some very special guests. One of the guests was welcomed with open arms and great big hugs. The others well, lets just say Stephen had a plan; and it wasn't a good one.
No he was not going to shoot it and skin it; he was going to tackle them and protect the children.
I however refused to stay in the room for more than enough time to get a few pictures.

oh I forgot about these. I think I was ten the last time I had a Tab. Yes it was yummy.

Stephen and Shelby watching Santa and his Reindeer very closely.

The Scary Reindeer. They were not happy and not fond of children or being confined in a small hot loud garage.

Kelsey receiving her gift from Santa, wow I didn't know he shopped at GT!
It was a great party, and I put in my request for next year; snow and elves.

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