Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas at the Campbell's

Decorating of Christmas is my favorite part of the year. Except for this year. I thought I had more decorations...I think Stephen secretly threw out all the old hammy down Santa stuff or i did, someone did and now I have to buy new stuff.
We did get a new item this year. Our beautiful fake tree, I nagged Stephen so much that one morning on his way home from work stopped off at Lowes and bought the most beautiful already lit tree.

I finally finished the Advent Calendar, this was a class at GT by Jodi, the girls love it. I put coins in each of the boxes, however Kelsey stills says every morning. when do we get the chocolate. I am not kidding when I say EVERY morning. You would think she would see the pattern here. hum, maybe she s really smart her self and that is her way of giving me a jab. hum.


Raimi said...

You will never regret buying that fake tree! i LOVE how the lights are already strung on mine! Your advent calendar turned out great! Happy Holidays!

kinsey said...

the advent calendar is dope! and ditto raimi, pre-lit trees are so them!