Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas here and gone

Christmas was very relaxing and fun this year. Shelby for the first time really understood what it meant and what to look forward too.

Stephen was able to make it home before the girls were out of bed so he could see their faces when they saw what "Santa" had brought them.

Shelby got Baby Alive, which is really cute, but not fun play on the carpet. Kelsey received a wooden puzzle of a train, she had been eyeing it for about 6 months at Orvis, She is so much like her dad. He was given a Orvis gift card to buy a much coveted reel for his Alaskan Fly fishing trip.

Christmas was good to me too, I ordered the Bamboo Tablet for my computer, I am hoping this will make using Photoshop a little easier, I loath the mouse! Now I just have to take some classes from Meredith, and I will be set!

I hope everyone had a joyous holiday.


Raimi said...

Looks like a fabulous morning!Enjoy all of your toys! Let me know how you like your tablet...I think I want one!

Eve said...

Ohhhh lucky you!
First that hubby made it home- and that you got some new goodies too!
Sorry I did not chat the other day at GT- I had already been there TOO long~ with kids and all and had to run!!!!!
Chat soon-miss ya!