Sunday, January 20, 2008

Curly was shot

Last night our cat Curly was shot with a BB Gun, in front of our house. Can you believe it! He came running in the kitchen about 5:45pm, Gauge scared him out, and I turned and noticed a GIGANTIC pool of blood. Not just drops, a pool. Stephen and I tracked the blood through out backyard with flashlights and calling his name. Curly finally came from our neighbors yard 45 min. later.

He was bleeding from the neck really bad. I took him to the emergency room, and they rushed him in like in ER, but there weren't so many people and he was is a cat, (but you get the picture). A tech came out named Paul, who I think felt really bad for having to give me the devastating news that this was about to cost me about a $1,000.00 an hour! As i tried not to hyperventilate, through my tears, I told him that all we wanted to do was xrays, iv and meds, that alone was $350.00! And then we would do what we needed when they knew exactly what had happened.

20 minutes later Dr. Furtado was ready to talk with me, she did confirm that Curly was shot with a BB or Pellet Gun and it entered the left side of his neck barely missing his esophagus and trachea along with arteries and other stuff, it then traveled toward the back of his body finally stopping along the ribs outside of the body cavity. Thank GOD! no Surgery.

I was able to see him and say good night, and sign a DNR, can you believe they will actually pull a crash cart, cut open and pull apart the chest bone and massage you animals heart for a small price of $450.00 per 20 minuets to keep it alive. Wow, we love our kitty but we couldn't see that happening.

We picked him up this morning, and we are nursing him back to health. He is doing great! Sleeping alot and has no interest in going outside. Can you blame him.

We did call the police and have a case opened and are looking into a neighbor who has been known to make threats against cats with guns.

Please keep curly in you thoughts.

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