Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ugh, Resolutions

Stephen and I have made some seriously hard core resolutions this year! I made the decision to drop my old habits and take on new ones! Starting with my diet (I am however throwing that word out the window). Healthy eating is going to replace it. And I am going to move more. Stephen has agreed to purchase a treadmill, so I can do cardo at home. My life has gotten so busy i have not visited the gym in almost 3 months yicks. Having a treadmill will definitely make my life a little easier. I also signed a contract with myself with the help of Oprah and Bob Greene. If you are interested in that check out It has some really great helpful tips to change your life.

Stephen has quit chewing tobacco! Not just quiting for awhile but for good! As long as I stick with my healthy life style he will stick with his. Hopefully that works for him. Knowing that the other person is giving up a bad habit, really makes it easier to do. So far anyway.

I know that sounds silly and that we shouldn't be doing these things for each other but for ourselves. But, we are learning that we are a team and doing things for ourselves sometimes hurts the other person.
So I have uploaded this picture, to show what I look like now -- scary. I will be doing weekly post to show progress.
I know you all are not that interested but, this is keeping me on track. Oh, by the way I won this weeks body fat challenge at work, I won a whoppin $25. Ooh Hoo!

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