Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Daddy Time...

My girls are so lucky to have a wonderful daddy...Yesterday, Stephen couldn't find Shelby's Ballet shoes to take her to class, and to be honest she really didn't deserve to go. She is going through terrible threes. They are so terrible that we should be exempt from the terrible teenage years. We can only hope.
Anyway, so with a screaming little one, daddy does what he does best. Change the scenery. He packed up the kids and took them boating. Wow, what a life my geese have. Matt and his son Clint meet up with them for a fun day on the lake. After boating all day, Stephen took the girls for a healthy dinner, at some restaurant that was having Taco Tuesday. When we asked what Kelsey favorite part of the day was, she responded with "Taco Tuesday". They have street tacos for a dollar, apparently they ate "20" wow. I enjoyed a wonderful quite evening with a interesting vegan gluten free meal... oh lucky me.

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