Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Tony goes to...

Our little goose Kelsey! Over the last few weeks, Kelsey has been going to Theater class, they were practicing for a production by the Magic Circle Theatre in Roseville.
They were putting on the production of Dragon the Line. It was about a Daddy dragon and his 15 little hatchlings. There were little green Irish people, trolls, and wise people (Kelsey). It was a really great play, the kids were amazing singing, dancing and remembering their lines. We were really impressed.
I am going to try and put the video on line. So check back here later.
The picture is not the best I do admit, Kelsey is in the red and white kamono with two pig tails. She had a great time.
She also had some special guest that I would like to thank, Tammy and her girls and the Fitzgerald girls, and the Chapmans. Thank you so much for coming and supporting Kelsey you guys are the BEST!!!! She was so excited that she had friends that came to watch her.

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brandigirl said...

oooo...i can't wait for the little video!!