Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shelby's Swim Party

Well apparently in the Campbell house if you are the second child you just get well screwed (excuse the expression).
Shelby didn't have a convensional bday party. due to the fact that it had to be moved last minute! So we put one together super fast and boy all our friends really came together! There was no big expensive cake, I made one for $.98, and we ordered $5.00 pizza from Little Ceaser. But we had a lot of love around us and had a great time. We pretended that the air was clear and healthy for our young and swam into the night. Thanks everyone that came out!
Here are all the little fish, swimming in our pond.


brandigirl said...

looks like she had fun i am glad everything worked out for your family and that fun day...see you soon

Samantha Walker said...

Tami- I'm trying to find your e-mail address in any of the links that you sent (maybe I'm not looking hard enough)...but not comming up with anything--so I'm posting on your blog. Could you just e-mail me from your e-mail address, and then I can respond to you. I will see if I can get you some more pictures of the recipe box idea. I don't want to leave you high and dry with no where to go on your project...but yet, I can't post the whole project on my blog as that is not fair to the class that I'm teaching this fall. I can only give a sneak peek on there...does that make sense? It really is a great project, and I'm happy to help. Anyway...I appreciate you lovin' my product line and buying it. I am always gratful to fans of my lines, because without you...I wouldn't have this awesome opportunity to create scrapbooking products.
Samantha Walker