Saturday, January 17, 2009

Poipu Kauai

We are having such a great time here in Kauai, the weather is beautiful, the last two days have been really windy with a little ok a lot of rain, but we still managed to get a lot of sun on our pale white bodies!

We see whales every morning and afternoon, from our lanai. Yesterday Stephen and the girls and I moved to our own room. We were staying with my Sister and Brother in law for the first 4 days. It would seem that it would have been crowded or inconvenient but it was so far the best 4 days.

Our new room has a great view and is a bit larger. which is nice for the kids.
Here are some pics that I have taken. I am finding that I am living more in the moment and not taking to many pictures. But that will change today.
I miss all my Green Tangerines friends.....


Raimi said...

Hi Tami!

I was so happy to see you post. You made it safe 7 sound & it sounds/looks like you are having a fabulous time! Soak up some Hawaii rays for me :)

Miss ya!

Debby said...

Oh...I see, that's why we missed you at Scrappy Hour last night. You're on Hawaii...Whatever! (lol)

Seriously now, those pictures are beautiful. WOW! I've never seen whales in real life like your pictures show. That is awesome! I'm SO jealous. I'd love to be near a beach right NOW! Anyway, truly hope you enjoy the rest of your stay on the Islands...and yes, please soak up some Hawaiin rays for me too!