Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Church

Every time we visit Kauai we make sure we spend a day on the north side of the island. We go to beaches, drive around go through shops eat and visit the church we were married in.
We love this church. We take pictures in the same places to document the growing or our family and how big the girls get. We love it so much. The girls really like it too, Kelsey had so many questions; like who was the flower girl, why wasn't she the flower girl, who walked you down the red carpet, where did you stand. All of these were followed by Shelby; I was there, I was the flower girl, I walked mommy down the red carpet and I stood over there.
It was really funny. And of course I had to get a few cemetery shots.

These last photo was when we were here in 2006 of the girls and I and Stephen with the girls.


Raimi said...

Oh it looks so beautiful & so does your family! You look so tan...Yeah, I am pretty much jealous.

Eve said...

Looks like you guys are having TOO much fun!
WITHOUT ME!@!!!!!!
Enjoy yourself-

kinsey said...

the church is gorgeous!!! when do you work next lady? i need to see you!!!!

brandigirl said...

that is so beautiful...what a great tradition!