Saturday, July 5, 2008

Scotts Flat 2008

Our 2nd annual camping trip to Scott's Flat was so much fun. The kids got along so well, and the adults had fun being together. Stephen worked really hard on the Sunday before to get us ready so we could leave by 8:30am on Monday morning. We actually left at 9:00am!! I had to pull the trailer! And I have to say I did a terrific job. After I stoped crying, from being so nervous and all the calls to Stephen on the walkie talkie, I love the walkie talkie! We made it up to the lake around 11:00am.
We were so excited to be there. Soon after we arrived the Chapman's made it, then the Vissers and finally the Tabladas. We spent the afternoon, on the lake tubing and playing in the water.
On Tuesday we hit the beach and the water. Spending almost the entire day eating drinking, swimming and kayaking! So fun.
Wednesday was yet another fun day on the beach and in the lake!
Thursday we had to pack up and say good bye, but not without another couple of hours on the lake! Stephen, Kelsey, and the Chapmans spent a good portion of the afternoon on the lake, and Shelby and I went on home. She was exhausted and if you know Shelby well, lets just say she needed a car nap in a big way!
We are looking forward to next year!

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brandigirl said...

how fun is that...i like your hair with a scarf in cute!