Thursday, September 25, 2008

Saturday Morning Fav.

I have learned to love Soccer, I however do not like watching practice! It is not so much fun. Last Saturday, I know I am a little behind on my posting. Kelsey was picked to play goalie, I don't think she really liked it. Only one goal was made with her guarding the net, she was able to stop the ball a few times. One time she actually waved her hands out in front of her motioning to her teammates that she did not want the ball. Very funny, I was so embarrassed. Here are some picks of my cutie.

Shelby, Ashlynn, and Raelynn were playing on the sidewalk through the last half of Kelsey's game and for another hour while Carsten and Parker played. These little girls are so cute.

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Berrygirl said...

I too LOVE soccer, I too dislike watching practices! My youngest is a goalie, each time the coach ( my husband) puts him in goal, I just feel sick to my stomach! He is a really good goalie, but the pressure of it all is TOO much for me! Darling pics thanks for sharing.