Thursday, September 25, 2008

12 Weeks of Christmas

GT Has started the 12 Weeks of Christmas. We are on week 2, the first week was August done by Kinsey and June by Raimi. Every Wednesday a new kit will be released; here is what the last two look like.

This little layout is one of my favorites right now. I used Diamond Glaze on the "My" and it looks really neat.

I am really trying to go "out of my box" and it is really hard. I am always second guessing myself. I am not sure why, since the only person that has to really like it is me.


Eve said...

LOVE them Tam!
I think the one you did is perfect. I have spent hours on layouts only to have a product in the end that I am "eh" about. And sometimes there is even the "I hate it" layout. It is frustrating when you have spent that much time. However your creation is lovely. I would be PROUD!

Jenn said...

good job on keeping up with the 12 weeks! They turned out great!

kinsey said...

dude, you rock my world...3 layouts in one week?!?! what is going on, i need some of what you're taking :)

ps. the diamond glaze/glossy accents stuff is the heat! so glad it's back 'in' now :)

Raimi said...

I am way impressed that you are caught up with the "12 weeks". It was my goal to have my two-12 week kits completed before I bought the next week. Sad to say... I was only able to create one of my school LO's & the others are just sitting here. IT is my goal to get them done bofore week 3 :). Wish me luck cause i am going to need it. I miss ya! i feel like I haven't seen you in forever! i hope you are well!

brandigirl said...

look at you go!keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

look at you go...i am very proud of you