Saturday, September 6, 2008

Let the Games Begin

First Soccer game was so great! Kelsey had fun and she played really well. She got to kick the ball to start the game and she ran after it like it was a feather blowing in the wind. By that I mean, she really isn't the most aggressive player, she is very polite and I am not sure she has much confidence in herself. But I have faith she will get to that place. She played the first half of each quarter? I am a little confused with the lingo of soccer. It was so fun to watch her play and cheer her on! The second half she played Defense? (not sure) any way she was able kick the ball away from the other team so her teamates could send it on its way to the other side of the field. Such fun! I can't wait until next Saturday....also because I don't have to bring snack again!


Raimi said...

Yay for soccer Saturdays! I didn't understand the lingo either. With four boys & 5 years of soccer under my belt, I am getting there. It is a fun sport to watch! Yay for Shelby!

Raimi said...

ooopppsss, I totally meant YAY Kelsey :). Your girls are so cute!