Saturday, September 6, 2008

Working on some stuff

Last night I was able to go to Scrappy Hour with some wonderful friends of mine! It was a great night. I got a few things done, with a little (and a lot) of help from my wonderful coworkers Kinsey and Lauren! Even though I have been scrapbooking for 5 years, I am still a beginner beginner! I love to have help from people I adore and admire. Thanks girls.
By the way, I am apparently doing something wrong with regard to using my camera and taking pic of these.
Please if you can help I would really appreciate it.


kinsey said...

yay! i got a shout out...i feel so special :) you got a ton finished! i never get anything accomplished when i go to crops, except a bunch of talking, lol.

Eve said...

Tell me the next time you go! How fun.... I love your pages- and your style. LOVE the color combos you use! Read this link.....
It helped me!

Raimi said...

Great pages ! YAY for you & taking time for yourself to play & enjoy Scrappy Hour!

Have a great day!