Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ancestry Box

I finished another Creative Imagination box, this time I used Graphic 45 paper, I love the heritage stuff, it makes me just crazy. The ribbon I used is so beautiful, the pictures however are HORRIBLE---yes that was a scream, I still do not have my wonderful camera, Stephen is on his way to pick up my sweet baby right now! I used his terrible camera to take pictures, I don't even like using this camera. Stephen takes it Duck Hunting and to Montana, in the snow, that should give you an idea how well this camera is working.

On the index cards, I will be putting personal history and interesting facts along with pictures behind that tabbed cards. I haven't started that project yet.


mer said...

i have lots of new photo tricks/info for you, so no more screaming. :) i will have to steal miss kelsey away for a shoot with her new shoes! so fun!

Christa said...
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Eve said...

Good to see you Sat. Tami. Looks like you are feeling better- or else you are a REALLY good actress! Anyhow- I love this box!
Are you making these for Xmas presents???
Very pretty-