Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Training Begins

I have decided that my word for the year is Move (Movement to be exact).  So I signed up to do Tri Training with Mama BootCamp.  I have been with Mama Bootcamp since last April.  But took the summer and beginning of Fall off, and came back in October.  Since Oct. I have lost 28 inches!!!!! and 8 lbs., which means that I lost a total of 8 FAT lbs.  and gained some lean muscle.  Fantastic!

I love Mama Bootcamp, I love the trainers the women and being outside.  So when Lorri Ann announced that they were starting the Tri Training again for the Tri for Fun on June 5 at Rancho Saco, I thought about it and couldn’t find a REAL reason not to do it. So I committed. Yicks, but I am super excited.

So today with be my first Tri Training session.  My session will be Tues at 6pm, and Thurs at 11 am.  Then in between I have a bootcamp session on Wed. and then Monday I spin and do weight exercises and Saturdays are my running and core strengthening days.  Friday and Sunday I have off.

Sounds like a lot but I am really excited. I have to get the nutrition part down and make sure that I am eating to fuel my body so it performs like a machine.

Wish me luck!!!

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