Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Training Day 3

Today I run (I sound like a cave man) along with Arm work.  Since I had a close call with a Chin Splint.  I was told to only run for 15 min, at a slower pace.  Ugh. Really, I am back there again (over the summer I hurt my Achilles tendon and it was so painful to even walk).  So I got on that treadmill but had decided that if the chins did not bother me I would run 20 min.

I started slow just pushing my cold legs along.  At first they (the chins) were tight, as they loosened up it became easier.  I increased my speed, and then I could feel there retaliation.  They did not like the speed as to which I WANTED to run. So I slowed the speed again.  I ran those 20 min. not fully getting that running high I usually get, but I was happy.  The blood was running through my body full of oxygen, sweat was dripping down my face.  I was happy and pain free as long as I ran at a slow pace. Which is fine.

Off to arm work, we have at Mama Bootcamp BFAS! Big Fat Arm Set, sometimes they are a Bigger Fat Arm Set.  However I just did the original.  3 sets of 15 of each exercise. 

I have been paying attention to how foods affect the way I feel when I exercise.  I beginning to understand why that is important.  I have been pushing my body more than I have in 7 years.  In order for my body not to give up or my mind and spirit not to give up I have to make sure that I eat the foods that are going to allow me to get the best performance from my body.

I have switched to Soy Milk, I do not eat eggs on the training days, I drink protein shakes with a banana instead.  Also on the Training days with Mama Bootcamp I usually have a cereal high in protein and fiber with low sugar and of course the Soy Milk.  For lunch I have a salad and a sandwich or a wrap.  Because my Training with Mama Bootcamp varies (tues @ 6p, Wed @ 8:30 am and Thurs. @ 11am) what I eat and when is different everyday.  That has been a challenge.  I have given up coffee, diet soda, and juice.  I do drink tea every afternoon.

This week will be the first week that I am fully involved in training. Yippee.

I will be posting recipes from Clean Eating with pictures next week.

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