Saturday, January 16, 2010

Training Day 7

Ok so I love Wednesday mornings too!  Who am I kidding, I love all my Training days with Mama Bootcamp.  This morning was Bootcamp.  The sun was shining and birds were out, the rain as much I enjoy it was gone.  It wasn’t too cold, so I hydrated and ate a quick but effective breakfast (protein shake with a banana) grabbed a cliff bar and water and I was out the door.

I dropped the girls off at school, and headed to the park.  I was still pumped from the night before and ready to put my body in gear. Mentally I was ready, but physically not so much.

The machine was not super excited to be put through another workout so fast.  Warming up I took it easy.  I didn’t push myself just easing along.  I was tired and a little disappointed.  When I want my body to work and it doesn’t I get really down. After the warm up, I was told to take it easy with my run.  I told Holly that wouldn’t be a problem because I wasn’t sure if my legs would actually move any faster than slow.

Off I went, Yikes!  It felt like I had 80lb bricks attached at the ankles, ugh.  I was a lot distracted by it and irritated.  I wanted to fly by like the other Tri trainer who worked out with me the night before.  But my machine wouldn’t let me. I pushed and pushed and finally made it to mile 2.  I then decided to walk a little while thinking that would help and also thinking about what Lorri Ann said once “don’t underestimate the power of walking”.  I think as someone who loves to run and loves what running does for me mentally and physically, I often forget that.

I finally made my way back feeling discouraged, but happy that it was over and then on to workout.  I had to take it really easy at one point I almost started crying, my legs where just so tired. I found my happy place and just did what I could. I realized I was no longer smiling, I was no longer happy to be there.  But another thing I realized.  I didn’t make an excuse or try to find a way out of staying.  I wasn’t looking to leave.  That is a huge breakthrough for me.  I usually play scenarios in my mind about how to get out of exercising, i.e. there is always something more important to do or I  just convince myself that I am not feeling well.  Not this time though.  I pushed right through it and was happy when it was over and really proud of myself. Yea Me.

Tomorrow….Thursday Tri Training…..Woo Hoo.


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