Saturday, January 16, 2010

Training Day 6

I love Tuesday training days.  Because, I get to train in the dark.  It sound funny I know but, there is something about running at night.  There is no distractions, it’s quite I don’t really notice all the other ladies and I am not looking at anything but straight ahead. I love it.

When I pulled up to the park it was raining like crazy.  And the training will go on in the rain. So we headed to the under covered soccer field and did warm ups by the bleachers.  I am tall, so there was little room.  My head was under the bleachers. But I warmed up and I was excited to start our run.  We were going to be timed on a mile, I was really excited.  I haven’t been timed on a run outside in almost 10 years.  I wanted to know what my speed really was while running outside.  I run about a 11 minute mile on the treadmill and I feel like I go so much slower outside. I was a little disappointed that the mile that we were being time on was the 2nd mile we run.  The first mile we run has hills and really puts me over the edge sometimes.  I always feel like I do better on the first.

Thankfully the ran stopped just in time for our run.  I did a slower pace warm up and then when we reached the top of the hill we cooled down just a tad and then got ready for the mile.  I chose the wrong time to take off my layers, hat and gloves, I ran while doing it.  I could have ran a tad faster if I did that before starting.  I was a little disappointed with my decision to strip down. I have learned my lesson.  I was unable to catch up with another runner who I had been pacing with.  oh well. I finally made it to the end, and I heard 10:26 WHAT?  are you kidding i thought, oh my gosh.  I was so happy.  I ran a mile in 10:26.  That is huge for me.  On of the last races I ran 11 Years ago I ran just under 10 min mile and I was in really good shape and had been running for a while.  I am really happy.

After our run we did push ups, bicycles and drills.  We did some really good leg exercises.  My legs felt good and I was pumped.  On the way home I was really excited and happy.  I couldn’t wait until tomorrow for Bootcamp.


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