Saturday, January 16, 2010

Training Day 8 (Thursday)

Ok, I am just plain exhausted.  My legs are killing me and my spirit is a little down.  I was excited to start training again today, but smiling not so much.

Thursday is a great group.  It a lot smaller than Tuesday night so there is a lot of time to actually talk with the trainer.  We were doing much of the same on Tuesday night so I wouldn’t really be timed on my mile.  But I would love to see what I thought was my slow time on the mile.  Boy I was still having a hard time with the run.  My legs where just not having it.  I was really discourage now.  Wondering how long it would take for them to get back there energy.  What should I do? I ran to mile 2, stopped got myself together striped down before we started, which I learned from last time.  When the whistle blew I was off, ugh, so slow so tired.  Geez legs get with the program.  The rest of the body wanted to run.  I struggled so much even more than on Wednesday.  I finally pushed through.  I made it at 10:46 are you kidding seriously?  Even my crappy run was still under 11 min.  I just didn’t know what to say.

On to drills which I really enjoyed because it gave me sometime to work the pesky heavy legs.

At the end I was glad it was over and I was looking forward to a rest day.  And I was going to rest a lot!

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