Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This is why I scrapbook.

The other day I was so excited to be able to finally get in my craft room and play with my toys! It was a really fun day in our house, Stephen was relaxed and doing his thing the girls were playing together *nicely* and I snuck away for a little time by myself. I didn't get to much done but I did do this.

And now to why I do what I do.

Shelby loves to look at her book. She would have more to look at but I just can't scrap that fast. She looks at the book EVERYDAY! She love to see herself as a baby and everyone loving her. She really doesn't say to much about the colors or pretty stuff on the page, except that it is her pretty baby book. Hopefully in time she will have more to look at.


brandigirl said...

yay for you...and how sweet that shelby loves her book!

Eve said...

Hi Tami-
Cute blog! I have some ribbon blog candy on mine till Wed. Stop by!