Sunday, July 27, 2008

Phulps Family Reunion

Yesterday we had our 2nd anuual Phulps family reunion at Lake Minden. I packed up the kiddos and set out for a fun HOT day with my wonderful family. Grandpa and his brother Dude (Louie) and sister Beverly got all the family members together and set up this really fun party. Aunt Helen's family and Uncle Bob's family was there also. We met cousins that we didn't know we had and it was fun to see all the little ones play. Uncle Herman and Aunt Bev are really into the family history (they are our Family Historians) and they put together so much information that I was a little overwhelmed and excited.
The pictures at the top are obviously the first Phulps with the spelling that remains today. Volp and Fulp were the original way to spell it, so you can imagine all the hard work that went into finding all the original Volps, and Fulps. ugh, a huge project that I am glad it was pretty much handed to me to add to my list of people.

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