Sunday, July 27, 2008


On Thursday, a day after our anniversary we went boating with some wonderful friends of ours, the Chapmans. We spent the day playing paddle ball, football, and exploring the lake with the kiddos. Stephen and I played paddle ball for an hour or so and I have to say out of the two of us; I am the one that tries the hardest. I don't think his feet ever left the ground. We ran into some of our friends on the lake too, which made it so much special. We opted not to go home for dinner and went to a restaurant and had a yummy dinner with fantastic company. Thanks Chapmans for a really great day. The kids were good considering they had been in the sun all day running and playing. Steph and I had a really good Hard Cider Pomegranit, yummy. I had forgotten that Cider was more milder than a good beer, especially with my problematic tummy.

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